‘Your website is hopelessly out of date!’ the woman in Waitrose remarked, ‘What have you been up to?’

Her tone suggested probably nothing, but that isn’t true. I’ve been writing and talking and talking about writing (mostly the latter) and every audience is different. 

What do I talk about? Stories and what inspires them – it’s not what comes out of your imagination but what goes in – the receptive mind, the imagination where the writing begins. The nuns said it would get me into trouble.

It got me into trouble and out of it.  It got me into writing, teaching, storytelling and up against the brick wall when the words were all there, waiting to be let out .  It’s confined me to rooms empty of people but with a head full of them.  It’s taken me to Literary Festivals to hear fascinating people talk about their lives and Writing Conferences where big imaginations are not  treated with suspicion but  respect.   In that environment a lively mind is not a portent of trouble but a prerequisite for the job.

And so to work…

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