who’s the author here anyway?

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So there I was, delighted at how EASY it is when the characters write the scene for you…pity I didn’t stop to consider that the characters in question are, a) a fifty year old delusional spinster (in all the politically incorrect senses of the word) and b) her 19 year old gormless eejit of a nephew who couldn’t write his own name unless his mammy spelt it out for him – S-L-O-W-L-Y. The Writers’ group members were not impressed.  They said it was too long, too wordy and worst of all – NOT FUNNY.  Farcical characters are not supposed to display any depth/or leave you feeling sympathatic towards them, which is all very well except I didn’t write it – they did.  I wrote it down.

And I couldn’t even object.  Today a new writer started with the group and I didn’t want to frighten her.  Needn’t have worried – she writes well and anyway, having heard my offer, she was probably thinking, EEEEASY, I can do better than that .

Listen, Michael and Bernadette – I’m the author, okay?  You just get on with the acting.

 Meg’s contribution was, as ever, ripping.  Wonderful.  Every twist and turn takes you to where you need to be and I don’t know how she does it.  Her characters, who are murderers, psycopaths and criminal underworld behave impecably towards her.  I have an ex priest’s housekeeper and get no respect.   Life’s a bitch.

Mary’s screenplay works.  It’s pefect.

Kelly pulls the heartstrings.

Ellen started today and she is in for the long haul.  Good stuff coming.

 If anyone ever stinks I won’t say..today was good.  I was the weak link.


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