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This is a name that crops up on the Transita website a lot.  This weekend I finally got round to checking out all the sites/blogs I’ve wanted to look up for a long time.

That was a good idea.

The bad idea was opening them all at the same time so that when I decided to write to some I got the messages mixed up and so there are computer savvy folk the length of the country staring at their screens saying things like, ‘Whaaashe on about?’ and ‘Oh dear, who hasn’ t been taking her fish oils then?

Me. Sorry.

Dovegreyreader’s blog is one of the nicest.  She reviews books and she posts pictures so that her blog is gorgeous to look at .   And I know her real name too.  She was very kind about The Jigsaw Maker before it came out and just as kind since.  Thank you, Lynne.  I hope we’ll meet in the flesh some day.

By the way, if any of you are taking your flesh to Oxford on 9th December. Transita is hosting a Transita/Bookcrossing event.  Buy two books, set one free to travel the world.  It’s a novel idea – in every sense of the world.  More on this later…..

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