Romance Novelists and Mechanical Engineers

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Is it me or there something very wonderful about the notion of the Romance Novelists’ Association having their Winter Party in the library of the IMechE in London?The building is imposing and very masculine and seems an odd venue for  romance writers to get together. 

I wondered if there was a dress code.  I’d come from a meeting at my sons’ school and was greeted by a bevy of beautifully groomed ladies in proper party dresses – oh dear.  There were kisses and haloos as uniformed waiters offered around trays of canapes.  Everyone looked for the one person she hoped would be there and the atmostphere was charming.

Then I noticed the books. 

The walls are lined with them.  After the first few glasses of wine they were lined with ladies too – sipping, chatting – and it would have made for perfect photographs if it weren’t for the titles. 

Who thought of leaving Coupling and Joints at eye level behind the Mills and Boon writers?  As a very attractive young woman with an LBD sticker greeted her friend, I hoped she didn’t realise that her left shoulder was lined up with a hardback copy of Shaft Alignment and two volumes of information on the Strength of the two-Stroke. At first I thought it was my age.  Maybe I’ve finally reached my prime and become fruity but I soon realised that there were other, more prestigious RNA members peering along the shelves and smiling broadly.  I smiled all the way home.

Whoever thought of that venue – ingenious! 

Thank you. 

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