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I spoke to a friend the other day who is an avid blogger, Facebook groupie and general internet stalker.

She said, ‘I’ve been looking at your website, Adrienne, and I think it’s very nice but you really ought to update it more often.’

She’s right, of course, and I had every intention of getting right onto it and blogging something marvellously witty so that comments would flood in and I’d be innundated with things to say.  And that’s where it all went wrong.

I can’t cope with iny more nnundations at the moment.  ‘Innundated’ has become my default setting. It pertains to the plot lines of the book I’m workiing on (A Grand Illusion – that’s the title not a description of the work);  it pertains to the state of my house;  it pertains to the list of things I need to address.  It also pertains to the list of people on Facebook who have invited me to be their friend.

I’m very flattered.  Each of them is someone I would really like to sit down and have a chat with, see how they’re getting on and what they look like and what their families are up to but I know that if I accept their invitations, I will be consumed with keeping watch on all their cyberlives and lose track of what’s happening in the very real space around me.  My innundation obligations will grow and grow and I will be swamped.

So, I will systematically call them all, one by one and arrange to meet them for coffee, tea, lunch, supper or a drink – or all of the above and enjoy time with the real person. I have made a list and filed it .

Under ‘I’.

ps. Had I had time to blog in the last few weeks, I would have commented on a luncheon I had recently.  I was invited as guest speaker by the Walton and Weybridge Branch of Save the Children to talk at their 90th Anniversary Luncheon at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club.   What a lovely afternoon.  I met so many people who felt more like old friends than new acquaintances and was moved by the history and passion of this charity.  I look forward to meeting them again.

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