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It’s in the papers all the time.  I read how this fellow or that has made a name for himself, really ‘got himself out there’ by blogging reguarly and encouraging a devoted following to hang onto his every word.   Blogging is the way to go – if you’re not too busy twittering of course.

I like to get out there.  I love the talks and the workshops and the people who walk up and say, ‘I read your book and I wanted to tell you something…’  and they do.  They’ve read the story more recently than I have and although I claim a mother’s knowledge of my characters, they claim a lover’s – there are things I don’t know and they are determined to tell me. I love that too.  Through the talks I’ve done this year I’ve met SO many people who don’t have computers, who think ‘blogging’ is a fancy name for bragging (and the answer to that one is??), who won’t ever read an ebook because they love the crack of a spine when you open a book for the first time and the smell of clean paper when the words are still on it, as yet unread.

And I chat to them – for ages.   It leaves little time for blogging and it makes me look inefficient to you if reading blogs is your thing.

But it’s human.  As one lady said recently, ‘Isn’t it nice that we can still do things are don’t require us to plug something in?’


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