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I used to think, as some do still, that the WI were all ‘Jam and Jerusalem‘.  They aren’t.  In fact many don’t sing Jerusalem any more and I think that’s a pity because it took my friend, Margaret (92) a full hour and a half to teach me the words.  It wasn’t that I am slow on the uptake; it was because the hymn book was special to her and she didn’t want to loan it out – nor did she want to miss an opportunity to teach me something she knew and I didn’t.  It was important that I learn it too because as Speaker, you have to stand at the front of the hall and when the assembled rises to sing they know when you are MOUTHING THE WRONG WORDS! Jerusalem isn’t in the repetoire of Irish persons, generally, so I’d like the opportunity to sing it more often.  And I make no apologies for that – it’s very rousing.

So was the audience last night.  Trumps Green WI meet in a well appointed Community Hall in Virginia Water and they are a friendly crowd – big age range and great sense of humour.  One lady asked me what they looked like from the front.  She often wondered if they were serious looking, off-putting – not at all. It’s lovely when you know the punchline is coming and you can see by the ripple of shuffling smiles that the audience is anticipating it too.

A young girl came up at the end and talked about her Creative Writing Course and the story she has to write by Friday.  Grace – I hope it goes well.

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