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So this is how the next week stands….

Wed.11th – collect parents from Heathrow…workshop in afternoon with Byfleet Writers Group who have begun to show signs of having a  couple of seriously talented (and one very quirly) writers.  Bett’s running account of her battle with the ferocious O is perfect. She’s a natural comic.  We need to harness this talent and keep her writing. 

Fri.13th – Launch Soft Voices Whispering at Weybridge Books at 7pm.  Fortunately, I won’t be the only celebrity present….Meg Gardiner of Even Delaney Fame will be wowing the crowds; Mary Albanese, scriptwriter extraordinaire and Susie Vereker, on the way up, up, up – that should make it an outing worth the while…..

Mon. 16th – Workshop at Guildford Festival….this I love.  Workshops always throw up wonderful writing from the most unexpected people and the look on their faces when they read what they’ve written and realise that THIS IT GOOD is the high point.

Tues. 17th – Readers’ Day at Guildford Festival – I share a stage with Nicholas Evans and Patrick Gale.  This should be interesting…..more on this later

Wed. 18th – reading at Methvens Bookshop in Cobham with Meg Gardiner, noon…..what a bash!  We could be the new Butch and Sundance (if there’s a tall one and a short one, hey, we’re in there). 

Wed. evening …..LARGE G&T and snooze in front of the fire – regardless of outside temperatures…..

Which leaves us with the obvious question: what on earth does writing have to do with any of this?  When do you get to write?  It’s been over a week since I left Bernadette and Michael sharing a meal and a delusion or two.  God knows what they’ll have conjured up before I get back….

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