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so, here’s what I sent out to the selected ones in my email address book (I should have included Panda Software becasue they write to me every day, offering things – sweet) 

Dear All,

This is to let you know that my third book, Soft Voices Whispering, is launching on

Friday 13th October at

Weybridge Books, Church Street, at


According to the new owner (Armande Wadsworth) there will be delicious wine and nibbles.   I plan to call/see/stalk you individually* over the next two weeks to invite you personally but as I will be in Ireland on and off during that time, it’s more than likely I’ll miss someone and then have to make the last minute embarrassed call…and you’ll be booked that night already.  If you are anyway, we might bring the time forward to 6.30 – let me know if that’d suit you better.    

You are all warmly (and eventually individually) invited – please let me know so that I can give Armande a list and he will put aside a glass and a sausage, or even something exotic on a cracker for you.

I look forward to hearing from you, and will hopefully see you on the night…


So now, through no fault of mine the font had become tiny and I can’t fix it.  Call this a Eugene MacNamara moment.  He’s a character in Polishing off the Cherries who’s just had a nasty accident by slipping forward on the crossbar of his bike.  This is what happened – his font shrunk – VERY painful.

I have not been on abicycle this week – I’m going to Ireland in a quest to become ridiculously falous there and to that end will meet some PR people on Tuesday morning who Google wonderfully – I’m looking forward to meeting them – more on this later.

Last weekend was a family wedding in a beautiful village called Glynn in Co Wexford.  My Cousin scrubs up very well – I hadn’t realised she was beautiful.  Her sister is beautiful too – pale, delicate, six months pregnent, with the kind of serentity you’d pay a fortune for if you could bottle it. 

And speaking of bottles – I tried Creme de la Mere serum on the way back – topped by the cream and eye lotion.  The girl insisted it would rejuvenate my tired skin (had she offered it in a glass with ice and a lemon she’d have made a sale). Have to say I looked like a teenager by the time we hit Heathrow (shiny  – it hadn’t absorbed).  If I have another go this weekend, that should cover the cost of the flights… teh price a marketing thing – you think you’ve bouth something worthwhile becasue you had to take out  a mortgage just to have one dab!  i hope so – I love the idea.  And where does the ‘mere’ come into it? Has anyone read teh list of ingredients???

Tomorrow night i go to a reunion, Brigidine convent Goresbridge 30 years.  How wierd.  30 years.  You can imagine the sucking in of stomachs (and the intravenous shots of Creme de la Mere) that’ll go on before that one!!

There was a Writers meeting yesterday – too long to tell you now but goodness, what talent.  I read first to get it over with after last time and it went down well.  Good.  It was poor Eugene’s accident that swung it.  He’ll be using his credentials as earrings if I don’t find a medical person who can advise me on the prognosis for a fellow with such an affliction.

And such a ridiculously small font……..

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