Elmbridge, Oxford and off to Angola

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This is the week of sorting – or finding the surface of the desk.  I haven’t seen it since before Soft Voices Whispering launched in October but have fond memories – red leather, embossed edges and, unless the memory is false, a lovely sheen. 

It’s also the week of husband off to Angola (aka me alone with three teenagers ). What can I possibly say about that?  Whoop de do springs to mind but sticks in my throat – hate to give false impressions – they’re wonderful.

Then there’s writing the speech – I have to talk for an hour on ‘A Writers’ life – hitting the gound running’ at the Elmbridge Festival on 30th November.  The brochure promises that it will be a humorous and entertaining evening. I could end this paragraph like I did the last but I won’t  - I like speeches.  The audience always have that ‘Oh, I’m so glad it’s not me’ look on their faces and I don’t get that at home when faced with domesticity.

The Oxford ‘Do’ will be good – a hall full of books with their authors available to comment/sign.  It’s the first Transita/Bookcrossing event.  THe idea is to buy two books and set one free – to cross the globe, hopefully.  It’s a new idea and Transita’s involvement is yet more evidence of their pioneer publishing attitiude.  Tough being a pioneer…

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