Ladies who lurk….

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This weekend I ran a two day workshop with a fellow writer and freind, Linda Gillard.  It was only the second time we met on this planet but we knew it would work and it did.  I misspelled Yaquata’s name.  She was only one of talented writers who came  – I hope they all continue writing.

The day Linda left I went to an event run by a friend who restores/distresses antique furniture. For display purposes she dresses the furniture in stylish baubles and the ‘ladies who lunch’ come and buy. I set out a display of books waited and watched…

This is how it works.
There are two distinct types -the ladies who buy baubles and the ladies who buy books. The former arrive in the morning. They are ladies who lunch. They pop in, myaah myaah, decline coffee, pick up a bauble or two (priced £4.50) and a charming chaise longue (£650) and pop out again. They do not buy books by local authors. Quite right too. My spines clash with the fabric.

In the evening the book buyers arrive. They do not myaah myaah. They ‘Omigod! Whadid I miss. You wrote three? Is it good? Can I buy one?’ They decline coffee, have three glasses of wine apiece, bemoan the fact the baubles are all sold and then sit on the chaise longue…reading the book. By the third glass of wine they are ladies who lurk and they have a book apiece.  They ring you up a couple of days later and say things like. ‘I’m exhausted! I stayed up till late reading your book and then I couldn’t get up in the morning. It’s your fault.’

I love these ladies. 

 ps. Toppling Miss April doesn’t keep you up- it makes you fall off the sofa.

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