The Jigsaw Maker…making waves

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This morning I received a letter informing me that the unabridged audio rights worldwide for The Jigsaw Maker have been sold to Oakhill Publishing ltd- available April-June.  What a pleasant way to start the weekend.

I can’t imagine what it will be like to listen to my words, my characters from someone else’s mouth.  It’s probably like hearing yourself on tape for the first time.

I always reckoned I knew my own voice – deep, light Irish acccent, calm – but somehow the tape distorted it.  There was another voice, higher, the accent more pronounced, disturbingly familiar while being unrecognisable.  I listened a few moments before asking who the other woman was and wondered why I hadn’t spoken yet.  Even then the penny didn’t drop.

I know Lizzie in The Jigsaw Maker; I know how she looks, how she moves; I know what she sounds like.

Or I think I do.

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