I’m a left indicator…

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There’s something very refreshing about being in a place where everyone shares a common interest. This weekend the place was the Goodwood Festival of Speed where my husband’s old Land Rover, the first ever registered to go on the road as a Land Rover in 1948, was entered into the Cartier Great Britons Stars of 1948 Earls Court Motor Show class.  We spent Friday and Saturday on the lawn answering questions and talking to visitors amused to see an old Land Rover amongst all the Jaguars, Aston Martins and Bugattis.

‘Nice to see something British that does what it says on the tin, even 60 years later,’ was one comment.

‘How very basic, very fundamentally decent this car is,’ was another.

Other comments were lost in the deafening roars as McLarens and Lotus-Cosworths zoomed past.  It was thrilling, knife edge stuff and every boy in the place, regardless of vintage was in Heaven.

For me the high point was the Ball.  The Three Drummers played live and K.T Tunstall sang her heart out to a rapturous crowd but the nicest thing of all was to share a table with people whose company made the time fly all too quickly.  It’s fascinating to watch how faces light up when the conversation turned to cars and passion was shared.

As for me, I waited for the question I was dreading – ‘do you share your husband’s interest in cars?’

‘No, I don’t but I have a functional role.’

‘Oh really?  Are you mechanical?’

Then the truth. ‘No, but 1948 Land Rovers were very basic, like it says on the tin so I’m great on corners…’

‘I see,’ the man said looking at me with fresh eyes and noticing for the first time that I have long arms.

‘I’m a left indicator.’

My husband’s car won in its class.  I clapped with both hands.

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