Winchester Writers’ Conference…

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…is one of the highlights of my year.  Hundreds of people who spend hundreds of hours apparently alone can come clean: we’re not alone. Our heads are full of heros and villains, meandering storylines and unexpected scenes.  And characters that nobody else can see.

For this weekend, it’s all real. The delegates and speakers are alike in appreciating that we inhabit these strange worlds but we do not own the stories in them – we are merely custodians.  Standing aside to let the stories out is what the weekend is all about.

The biggest thrill for me is not the other speakers – though many of them are great – it’s the delegates, especially the first timers.  I gave a workshop on Fri 27th and there were a few people there who have yet to get let their stories out but they will – and what stories they are going to be.  Mary – sharpen that pencil and Amanda, wherever you are, write the story about what happened when the door creaked at the Writers’ Weekend…..

It’s like having a glimpse of the future and knowing that some day you’ll be seeing those names on the shelves.

Get to it – guys – over to you now.

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