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…he said.  “it’s been gathering cyber dust for months. People will think you’ve gone off the radar.’

I haven’t ; I’ve gone on the circuit.

Early 2010 has been a frenetic time.  I’ve spoken to WI’s, Wives Fellowships, Women’s Guilds, Soroptimists and various charity organisations and loved every second of it.   I’ve finished A Grand Illusion and sent it off to my agent and wandered around muttering to myself while the threads of the next story weave themselves into memories and impressions in my head.  I’ve given workshops and planned others and all the while the website slept in the background.

Not everyone minded.

There are regular queries from groups looking for a speaker or a tutor and occasionally ( and best of all) people who’ve attended talks and workshops in the past get in touch and say, ‘I did what you advised!  I’ve started/finished the book!’  A couple have even reached the publication stage and to them I say, ‘Well done you!’

Only one query was unsuccesssful so far.  Virginia Water Wine Appreciation Society - your email address isn’t working and my response bounces back with an undeliverable apology.  Can you get in touch again, please?  The answer to your query was, yes. ;-)

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