Facebook – and all that jazz

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I promised myself I wouldn’t.

‘You ought to get onto Facebook,’ I was told. ‘It’s a great way of keeping up with old friends and letting people know what you’re doing.’

Yea – right.   What I’m doing is chasing my tail and the thought of whittering away hours looking up what other people are doing as they get on with their lives seemed a retrograde step.  The friend who lives five minutes away sends me texts saying that we really have to get together and I say the same to her – and to others. And still we don’t.

Then I got an email. Found you on facebook it said,  Great to see your name but where are the photos? 

I don’t know.  I don’t even know how I managed to get there.  It might be a result of trying to open another email account or maybe a more efficient offspring but there it is – Adrienne Dines Facebook account.  Bizarre.

Then came the friend requests.  I didn’t know whether to click on them – more timewasting courtesy of the ether – but the temptation to have a quick peek is SOO difficult to fight off.  I determined it’d only be for five minutes – just to see what a couple looked like….and another one or two as well.

And it will be for only five minutes.

Says she.

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