Men suck in too…

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By 10.30 all the frantic tail chasing was done – beds ready for the in-laws; son’s university application discussed and back on track;  pr responses completed and posted off; nerves back to normal.  I set off to my favourite place – anywhere the American Writers meet and discuss their work.  The quickest route was via the Brooklands Road so I went that way. Unfortunately, the quickest means of transport was by helicopter.  I have a blue mini.

 Halfway down the road, the truck in front ground to a halt and we lined up patiently behind him.  He was wide but not so wide that a little mini couldn’t squeeze through.  That’s what the fellow on the far side of him though too.  He flashed his lights; I flashed my eyelashes and pressed the accelerator. 

Then the eejit behind him had a great idea.  Apparently…. even if you’re in a bloody great 4-wheel drive, you can squeeze through a gap if you stare straight ahead and suck your cheeks in.   By the look on his face, all four cheeks were involved and two of them weren’t used to it.  Within seconds, he was stuck, the fellow behind him was stuck, the truck was still stalled and I couldn’t go anywhere. 

Ten minutes passed.   I debated getting out and telling him what I thought but my photograph is in two local magazines this month and he’d know who I was if he was local/literate.  And he looked like the sort who’d follow you ome and duff you.

So, in the best tradition of a menopausal, middle aged, confused and not very enlightened when she isn’t (Not true – I was acting, okay?) I executed a perfect 9-point turn and came home.

 Then I get a call from Kelly to say that there were only three at the meeting (it’s half term) and now I realise that I should have gone there first and left the other stuff to sort itself out later.   Is this going to one of those days?

I hope not.  TOnight I’m going to a launch party for a book called  Felicity Fights Back by Stella Sykes at Christies in London.  I met Stella in the summer.  She’s a new comic writer and her book made me laugh out loud.  I hope she’s successful. 

I hope I get there. 

I will not be going via the Brooklands Road.

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